Is your data security audit showing red

From data breaches and phishing attacks to IT systems overload and GDPR compliance, how can you reduce the pressure?

What is causing pressure in your data world?

Do you fear a data breach?

Are you less than confident in the ability of your business to identify when a data breach has occurred or be able to locate quickly the source of that breach?

Business revenue, reputation and GDR compliance all depend on that ability.

Is your digital workspace so splintered that efficiency and security are damaged?

Piecemeal, unintuitive or conflicting systems and protocols hinder the ability of your business from operating efficiently and safely. Processes are not automated and your IT has become slower along-side deteriorating user experiences.

Worried if employees will spot every danger?

You know that an employee will fall for a catastrophic phishing attack sooner or later, but you have no other way of preventing it other than relying on the alertness and knowledge of your employees.

Is the GDPR compliance of your business too much like guesswork?

Are you lacking in confidence that your business has identified and filled every gap in your systems where GDPR overlaps? Do your teams lack rigorous training?

Are your very devices at physical risk?

Data security is not just about the systems running on the hardware, it is about the physical security of those devices themselves. Are your devices not designed and built for the knocks they receive in your work environment? Is physical damage an all too common and costly problem?

Is your data in transit 
or at rest vulnerable?

Whether it is your confidential HR information such as payslips, sensitive shared data or just the emailing of confidential, there are many links in your data security chain. Are you confident every link is as strong as it needs to be?

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